Long Ago Stream

You may notice quite a dip as you go down from Bradlaugh Fields central grassland area into a much lower down area by the suggestively-named Bankside entrance, before heading back uphill into the Hills and Hollows Nature Reserve.

Bankside entrance March 31st

As you may see in the picture above, a helpful tree surgeon has recently laid down a load of wood-chips at this entrance to make it safer and more accessible by soaking up some of the water, covering over the mud and making an overall better surface.

It appears that this valley was once the bed of a stream flowing south-south-west down from Spinney Hill to join the Nene, and today there is still surface water throughout the year here, most noticeable in this muddy pool, so beloved of dogs!


How much more water continues to flow through underground through this valley? And how much potential could there be for improving this naturally wet area for wildlife?

Muddy Bankside


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