Out and About: this April in Bradlaugh Fields

Blossom by Kissing Gate into the Orchid Bank

The fields are alive; buzzing, bustling, calling and singing with all manner of creatures. Listen for the yaffle call of the green woodpecker (hear it on this Youtube video) and hear it knock-knock-knocking in the woods. The usually quiet and shy jays are chasing each other around the taller trees and, over all, the buzzard sails loftily by.

Once the Fourteeenth Hole

Many blackthorns are still in bloom and the hawthorns are coming into leaf, fresh young leaves once eaten by children who dubbed them “bread and cheese“. Sniffing the air, the lovely balsam scent of the poplar buds is all around at the moment.

Studying the Biodiversity

From the top of the hill on you can easily see St Giles church in Northampton town below, and if you look really hard in the right light, you can see historic Salcey Forest and some windmills nearby.

St Giles Church in town below


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