Apple Blossom Time at Bradlaugh Fields

Apple Flower Buds Now is the prime time for enjoying the apple blossom on the dozens of apple trees all over the park, from Hills and Hollows all the way up to Quarry Field … Apple Flowers The pink and white flowers have five petals and look – and smell – quite like roses, which is no coincidence. Apples are also closely related to hawthorn, whose fruit look very like miniature red apples, as well as to blackthorn. Bradlaugh Fields apple trees in Flower A hundred years or more ago Kingsthorpe and Kingsley were surrounded by orchards, so maybe these trees are remnants of these; apple seeds that were spread by animals eating the fruit and which grew into the trees we see today? Many of the trees have certainly been around a fair old while, as can be seen in the main grassland area below the Orchid Bank, where the trees have been laid as a hedge in the past. Take a look beneath the boughs and you can still see the horizontal branches close to the ground. Bradlaugh Fields Apple Tree Hedge Some of a group of apple trees St David's field Solitary bee pollinating apple blossom


2 thoughts on “Apple Blossom Time at Bradlaugh Fields

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