Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #30 Cocksfoot

Clump of cocksfoot grass in Bradlaugh Fields park in Northampton

Cocks-foot grass, named for a fancied resemblance between the large flower-heads and a chicken’s foot, is an easily identifiable and vigorous plant which can grow into large tussocks reaching up to a metre in height (or 3ft in old money) as shown in the photo here, looking south towards Fulford Drive, with wide leaves well over a centimetre wide. If regularly grazed and managed to keep it down to lower heights it can be usefully thrifty in dry pastures, palatable to animals, and it is also a larval food plant for several butterflies including some skippers, ringlet, meadow brown, wall and speckled wood.


2 thoughts on “Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #30 Cocksfoot

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