The More the Merrier

BCN Wildlife Trust  cattle and Starling flock at Bradlaugh Fields Northampton

What a joy to see and hear a flock of starlings up at Quarry Field yesterday, for two reasons. Firstly they always sound so cheerful and full of life to me; with their chattering, trills, clicks and swooping calls from on high, not for nothing are they collectively described as a ‘murmuration’ or even an ‘exaltation’, but secondly because breeding starlings in the UK have been declining since the 1970s, by as much as 60%, so much so that they have been red-listed here as being of concern.

As ever though, the cows are completely unphased by all the business around them. They just sit and watch as calmly as ever.

Summer Starlings in a Hawthorn bush Bradlaugh Fields, Northampton


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