Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #39 Corn Poppy

Bradlaugh Fields red poppy - Papaver rhoeas

The classic poppy, with glorious red flowers followed by rounded, smooth seed-heads distinguishing it clearly from the lighter red petals and longer, thinner capsules of the long-headed poppy, which also occurs at Bradlaugh Fields. The seeds of the corn poppy are famous for lasting many decades as a seed-bank in the soil which can germinate whenever they are brought to the surface.

Poppies of all kinds are extremely popular with bumblebees, which have a very special method which they can use when visiting some varieties, called buzz-pollination (shown on a quick video here) in order to release the highly nutritious protein- and fat-rich pollen to feed up the larvae back in the nest. The bees carry pollen by sticking it to special hairs on their legs, as you can just see on the picture below showing yellow pollen around the bottom right-hand leg.

Bumblebee on its way!

Bumblebee on its way!


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