Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #48 Lady’s Bedstraw

Bradlaugh Fields July Lady's Bedstraw - Galium verum

With its whorls of dark-green almost needle-like leaves and frothy heads of very small, four-petalled yellow flowers, Lady’s Bedstaw is a delicate plant which you might never even notice, growing amongst the grass as it often is, until it’s in full bloom (closer up here). You’ll see a similarity with its relative the Goosegrass aka Sticky Willy, but finding that the Coffee plant is also in the same family may come as more of a surprise, although those sticky Goosegrass seeds have been roasted and made into a coffee substitute by some.

Lady’s Bedstraw also has its potential uses; in cheese-making, as a dye, in herbalism and of course as the name suggests, for stuffing mattresses and pillows.

Some moths and butterflies, amongst other insects, feed on bedstraws during some part of their life-cycle.


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