Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #54 Dyer’s Rocket, Greenweed or Weld

Bradlaugh Fields Reseda Luteola - Dyer's Mignonette

Rocket is an appropriate name for this plant, which shoots up from a low rosette of shiny green leaves in early Spring to a greenish-yellow flower-spike as much as 6 feet tall by its June or July flowering time; as seen pioneering here on the newly excavated Blisworth limestone next to Holton’s Lane ancient hedgerow not far from the University’s Park Campus. It will thrive even on these very bare, dry sub-soil environments.

Not to be confused with the (scientifically) similarly-named sister species Wild Mignonette, a much smaller plant.

Traditionally employed in dyeing to produce a lovely range of yellows, or when mixed with Woad, of greens, this use has fallen away since the introduction of cheaper to mass-produced artificials.

As with every plant, parts of it provide food and homes for a range of species, specialist or more generalist.


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