Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #56 Selfheal, Allheal or Prunella

Bradlaugh Fields July - Prunella vulgaris

Like its relatives such as Ground Ivy or Deadnettles, pretty purple-flowerd All-heal attracts a range of bees and other insects whose tongues are the right length to reach into its flowers’ elegant throats. The Mint family also has very interesting biochemistry and many species manufacture a great variety of substances which can be made use of in herbalism and Prunella is no exception. Its Wikipedia entry gives a long list of chemical constituents contributing to traditional healing properties which include being used as a poultice to soothe irritaed skin or to disinfect wounds, and as a tea for sore throats, fever or diarrhoea. In many places the leaves are also gathered as a nutritious pot-herb. Naturally many other animals eat the plant as well, such as the White-legged Coleophora moth.


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