Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #60 Field Bindweed or Devil’s Garters

Bradlaugh Fields Convolvulus arvensis

If this lovely candy-striped flower belonged to a less successful plant it would probably be a garden favourite, as quite a number of its close relatives, such as Morning Glory, already are. Field Bindweed, however, can grow and compete well in most places, and against most other plants, although it’s not as large and aggressive as its pure white-flowered cousin the Hedge Bindweed. Nevertheless, in a wild situation as at Bradlaugh Fields, even Bindweed is held in check fairly naturally and doesn’t seem to take over.

The flowers, as you can see in the photo, serve up nectar to a variety of pollinators especially hoverflies, and at least a couple of moths are known to feed on the plant as caterpillars, including the specifically-named Convolvulus Hawk-moth.


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