Red Plum, Yellow Plum …

… and they come in luscious purple too, dropping off the Cherry Plum trees round the hedgerows right now. Remember the Spring blossom? Well this is the fruit of all that busy pollination back then. Jam anyone? Advertisements

Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #63 Common Restharrow

These pink and white pea-like flowers belong to the Common Restharrow, so called because the wiry plant used to tangle up in agricultural machinery, like harrows, and stop them working. It grows in open fields and grassy places and like all the Pea and Bean family it has a fertilising effect on the soil. The […]

Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #62 Yellow Toadflax

Bright and beautiful, a blaze of colour in the summer, Yellow Toadflax is another wild plant that’s good enough to have in any garden, especially liking dry locations like this bank in the Hills and Hollows. They look very like the popular garden flower called Snapdragon. The shape of the flowers, also resembles the Deadnettles […]

Mowing the Meadows at Bradlaugh Fields: Day 2

The Thursday started with some dark clouds, but soon turned sunny and volunteers sweltered in the heat, labouring hard to rake up and remove the piles of vegetation cut down by Wildlife Trust staff with strimmers. Even after the day before, there was so much still to do up on ‘Scrub’ Field and Orchid Bank, […]

Community Hay Harvest

Over at Spitalifields Life there’s an excellent report about the hay harvest at Hackney Marshes, organised as a fantastic community event for everbody to join in, have fun, fresh air and keep fit in the process: In celebration of Lammastide, which marks the beginning of the grain harvest, Contributing Photographer Colin O’Brien & I went […]

Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #61 Small Scabious

Small Scabious flourishes especially well in the dry, bare stony soil of the Hills and Hollows where the topsoil was scraped away to give wild-flowers a chance against the aggressive grasses that otherwise dominate where there is no grazing or mowing to remove nutrients. The attractive powder-blue flowers are lightly sweet-scented and a real magnet […]