Red Plum, Yellow Plum …

… and they come in luscious purple too, dropping off the Cherry Plum trees round the hedgerows right now.

Bradlaugh Field - Prunus cerasifera

Remember the Spring blossom? Well this is the fruit of all that busy pollination back then.

August Wild Plums along Holton's Lane hedgerow Northampton

Jam anyone?


5 thoughts on “Red Plum, Yellow Plum …

    • Hi Jeff, ooh!

      Fresh from eating some of the small purple plums near the allotments for breakfast this morning, which are quite different to any others I’ve had, I have to confess I’m in imminent danger of prunomania 😉

      Thanks for your input. Very thought provoking. Unfortunately, unless and until we can obtain the services of a plum expert (anyone handy?) we may remain in the dark as to the plum diversity around here. There are quite a few different types in a patch next to the private allotments which have been there for many decades. Escapes may have genes from really quite old varieties.

      There’s also an interesting large patch of Rubus x a good way away that must have been spreading for many decades. I’m tempted to propagate a shoot or two for my allotments …

      Anyway, for the moment for this I’m going on the broader 2012 NVC Survey conducted by Tony B which mentions only in passing Prunus cerasifera by name in the fields (as far as I can remember of the top of my head).

      I’d be very interested to find some more in depth opinion on this specifically here.

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      • I really need to go over there soon and take a look, it’s been a while since I looked at the plums over there. Are the yellow ones now ripe? Bullaces ripen much later according to Wikipedia, so my identification could be wrong.

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  1. Some are and some aren’t, it seems. There are many yellow plums along the hedgeline by the footpath to St David’s from the end of Fulford Drive. When I looked last week they had already ripened and dropped to the ground in a golden carpet there are so many – clearly a good year for fruit this year (soes that presage a hard winter or is that myth?)

    Meanwhile, the hedgeline along Holton’s lane between Kettering Road and the Girl’s School has many trees with plums that are currently yellow and not ripe. Some may turn red as they ripen, I’m not sure.

    Hours of Fun, eh?

    Do, please, let us know what you discover!

    Delighted to find that my Mum, “the Bibliophile”, has a copy of HV Taylor’s “Plums of England” (1949), which I look forward to perusing when I visit next … Thanks Mum!

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