Bradlaugh Fields Conservation Volunteering

On the Saturday afternoons, following Nature Club in the morning, the Barn Equipment Store will be opened so that anyone who wants to volunteer to help out and do some practical conservation volunteering around the park will be able to do so. On Saturday (5th) there some woodchips were available to improve access around Bradlaugh Fields by spreading them over those slippery muddy patches before the autumn and winter weather sets in.

Bradlaugh Fields conservation work Sept 2015

Setting off in hope, we loaded our wheelbarrows for the long trek up to the entrance to Orchid Bank …

Where we spread quite a few barrowfuls over the surface and then admired the results.

Bradlaugh Fields conservation work September 2015

Before heading back to the Barn for a good cuppa.

Bradlaugh Fields conservation work Saturday 5th Sept 2015

As ever, many thanks to Joe Stuart the NBC Ranger for participating, and facilitating the whole event so well. Please get in contact via the Barn if you’d like to volunteer. The first Saturday of every month, starting at 12.30pm.


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