Autumn Leaves Turning Colour

Bradlaugh Autumn Leaves

A young naturally self-sown Field Maple turning beautifully golden in the centre.

(Note the large oak sapling with dead, brown leaves to the left is one of twenty-four inadvisedly planted at the expense of thousands of pounds of public money one year ago this month. Only six or so still remain alive, the rest appear to have died – the leaves have been brown for months already. The public deserves some investigation and explanation as to why so much supposedly scarce money was wasted on this poorly planned vanity project instead of going towards better things.)

Bradlaugh Fields Autumn Leaves

From near the Mound looking towards Orchid Bank and the Nature Reserve.

Bradlaugh Fields Northampton Autumn Leaves

Uphill in the Moulton Park direction.

Bradlaugh Fields Park Northampton Autumn Colour

View northwards from the Green by the Barn.


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