First Flowers

Blackthorn, or it’s fruity relative the Wild Plum, is one of the earliest wildflowers to blossom at Bradlaugh Fields Advertisements

Muddy Waters – Ponds or Puddles?

At this time of year you will see a little water running down the hill naturally. Come Summer this will completely dry away. This path needs more wood-chips laying down if people are to be able to access Bradlaugh Fields properly!

St David’s, Kingsthorpe Mini Fungal Foray

In the meadow next to the golf-course, what is this dear little canary-yellow mushroom, any ideas? LBJ? Looks like sticky desiccated coconut. Myxomycete perhaps?

Autumn Leaves Turning Colour

A young naturally self-sown Field Maple turning beautifully golden in the centre. (Note the large oak sapling with dead, brown leaves to the left is one of twenty-four inadvisedly planted at the expense of thousands of pounds of public money one year ago this month. Only six or so still remain alive, the rest appear […]

Waxcaps at Bradlaugh Fields

These pretty fungi are increasingly rare to find nowadays, because their habitat is “unimproved” grassland, ie grassland that hasn’t had fertilisers tipped all over it. The Waxcap Conservation website says: Waxcaps need short turf (i.e. regularly mown or grazed), no fertiliser or lime input and no disturbance, e.g. ploughing or reseeding … To conserve Lawn […]

Rose Hips for Vitamins

With all this fantastic weather the Autumn fruit season is in full swing, as you can see here the scarlet filigree of this rose bush. Rose hips are rich in vitamin C, while even the seeds contain provitamin A and Essential Fatty Acids. Much used during the War, they are however, very fiddly if your […]

Moth Night 2015: 10th – 12th September

Plenty of info to find out more about these cryptic creatures at the National Moth Night website and the Moth Count newsletter (PDF) What is going on here in Northamptonshire? The Moths of Northamptonshire website has news … If you’d like to take part in future moth events at Bradlaugh Fields then please get in […]

Saturday Nature Club at the Bradlaugh Fields Barn

This Saturday was the first Nature Club event at the Barn. The focus was on Hedgehogs and we enjoyed lots of hedgehoggy activities including model-making … painting … hunting out hedgehog facts … learning about how and where hedgehogs live … and how to help them survive the modern world … A most enjoyable morning! […]

Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #64 Red Bartsia

Although this plant has been flowering for a month or two already, it’s about this time of year that Red Bartsia starts to become conspicuous, especially in trodden-down areas and by the side of paths and trackways. More pink than red, it is like its cousin Yellow Rattle in the shape of its flowers and […]

Red Plum, Yellow Plum …

… and they come in luscious purple too, dropping off the Cherry Plum trees round the hedgerows right now. Remember the Spring blossom? Well this is the fruit of all that busy pollination back then. Jam anyone?