First Flowers

Blackthorn, or it’s fruity relative the Wild Plum, is one of the earliest wildflowers to blossom at Bradlaugh Fields Advertisements

Muddy Waters – Ponds or Puddles?

At this time of year you will see a little water running down the hill naturally. Come Summer this will completely dry away. This path needs more wood-chips laying down if people are to be able to access Bradlaugh Fields properly!

Pollinator Awareness Week – 13th – 19th July 2015

Originally posted on Jeff Ollerton's Biodiversity Blog:
Next week has been designated Pollinator Awareness Week¬†(PAW) by Defra and there are events and profile-raising activities going on all over the country. The motivation behind¬†the PAW is (quote) “to bring attention to the essential needs of pollinators and the simple actions that we can all take…