St David’s, Kingsthorpe Mini Fungal Foray

In the meadow next to the golf-course, what is this dear little canary-yellow mushroom, any ideas? LBJ? Looks like sticky desiccated coconut. Myxomycete perhaps? Advertisements

Waxcaps at Bradlaugh Fields

These pretty fungi are increasingly rare to find nowadays, because their habitat is “unimproved” grassland, ie grassland that hasn’t had fertilisers tipped all over it. The Waxcap Conservation website says: Waxcaps need short turf (i.e. regularly mown or grazed), no fertiliser or lime input and no disturbance, e.g. ploughing or reseeding … To conserve Lawn […]

Compost and Cup Fungi

Every year the Wildlife Trust Conservation Volunteers mow the “scrub field” meadows, after they have flowered and set seed, and carefully remove the mowings. This continues the traditional management of the site and ensures that the beautiful wildflowers can continue to flourish at Bradlaugh Fields. . Ideally the mowings would be grazed off by cattle, […]