Quarry Field Conservation Task

A sunny, busy day with many out for their daily constitutional Next, some scrub-bashing – removal of encroaching elm suckers. Before … And after … The meadow restored All the better for wild-flowers Well done folks Advertisements

Waxcaps at Bradlaugh Fields

These pretty fungi are increasingly rare to find nowadays, because their habitat is “unimproved” grassland, ie grassland that hasn’t had fertilisers tipped all over it. The Waxcap Conservation website says: Waxcaps need short turf (i.e. regularly mown or grazed), no fertiliser or lime input and no disturbance, e.g. ploughing or reseeding … To conserve Lawn […]

Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #9 Dandelion and Pollinator Bees

Here’s another flower we underestimate, along with the daisy, because it is so commonly seen. Yet imagine if these great golden flowers were rare? We would no doubt spend hours trying to cultivate them! Dandelions‘ peak flowering period is from March to May and they are a crucial lifeline for bees searching for food as […]