Mowing the Meadows

Once again a fine day for the yearly mow, starting with the Orchid Bank Scabious flower First cut … then remove … A moving haystack Tomorrow the team will be in the Hills and Hollows, meeting at the Morrisons entrance around 9.45am   Advertisements

Quarry Field Conservation Task

A sunny, busy day with many out for their daily constitutional Next, some scrub-bashing – removal of encroaching elm suckers. Before … And after … The meadow restored All the better for wild-flowers Well done folks

Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #63 Common Restharrow

These pink and white pea-like flowers belong to the Common Restharrow, so called because the wiry plant used to tangle up in agricultural machinery, like harrows, and stop them working. It grows in open fields and grassy places and like all the Pea and Bean family it has a fertilising effect on the soil. The […]

Mowing the Meadows at Bradlaugh Fields: Day 2

The Thursday started with some dark clouds, but soon turned sunny and volunteers sweltered in the heat, labouring hard to rake up and remove the piles of vegetation cut down by Wildlife Trust staff with strimmers. Even after the day before, there was so much still to do up on ‘Scrub’ Field and Orchid Bank, […]

Early August Wildlife Trust Conservation Work Days at Bradlaugh Fields

There are two Wildlife Trust work days coming up in August. They are listed in their latest task sheet (PDF here) to be found on the appropriate page of their website. Please read the information about work-days (what to wear, bring with you etc) on the task sheet if you’ve not been on a WT […]

National Meadow Day

Originally posted on a new nature blog:
It’s National Meadow Day. I hadn’t noticed until today when I saw this piece on the BBC Earth website. The piece kindly references a report I wrote for Plantlife and the Wildlife Trusts about meadows back in 2002, called “Green Unpleasant Land”. This is still downloadable from the…

Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #48 Lady’s Bedstraw

With its whorls of dark-green almost needle-like leaves and frothy heads of very small, four-petalled yellow flowers, Lady’s Bedstaw is a delicate plant which you might never even notice, growing amongst the grass as it often is, until it’s in full bloom (closer up here). You’ll see a similarity with its relative the Goosegrass aka […]

Oh! What a Lovely Sward!

Last weekend I visited the East of England Scything Festival, held every year at the amazing National Trust property of Wimpole Hall, hoping to find out more about the use of the scythe for wildlife and conservation meadows. All in all, a very picturesque event in good company at a scenic location … This year […]