Autumn Leaves Turning Colour

A young naturally self-sown Field Maple turning beautifully golden in the centre. (Note the large oak sapling with dead, brown leaves to the left is one of twenty-four inadvisedly planted at the expense of thousands of pounds of public money one year ago this month. Only six or so still remain alive, the rest appear […]

Bradlaugh Fields in the Northamptonshire Natural History Society Newsletter

In a combined meeting on Sunday 14th June over thirty NNHS Botanical Section members and various local friends of Bradlaugh Fields came to hear the University of Northampton’s Professor of Biodiversity Jeff Ollerton give us an insight into bees, flowers, pollination and the natural history of the Quarry Field and the unfortunately mis-named Scrub Field […]

Saturday Spring Clean Today

A huge thank-you and Congratulations to all who took part in the Spring Clean today, that was amazing, the difference that a good team of people can make in such a short time! Once again, many thanks also to Joe Stuart, NBC Park Ranger for Bradlaugh Fields and today too, his colleague Jason Toyne for […]

Little Bridge into Nature Reserve: After

All it needed was a good stiff broom, secateurs, gloves, an hour of someone’s time and some elbow grease and the bridge is all cleaned up! Unfortunately though, underneath several years of leaf mulch, algae, moss, grass, brambles all absorbing rainwater, taking root as well as providing a place for moulds to grow the bridge […]