Mowing the Meadows

Once again a fine day for the yearly mow, starting with the Orchid Bank Scabious flower First cut … then remove … A moving haystack Tomorrow the team will be in the Hills and Hollows, meeting at the Morrisons entrance around 9.45am   Advertisements

Muddy Waters – Ponds or Puddles?

At this time of year you will see a little water running down the hill naturally. Come Summer this will completely dry away. This path needs more wood-chips laying down if people are to be able to access Bradlaugh Fields properly!

Bradlaugh Fields Conservation Volunteering

On the Saturday afternoons, following Nature Club in the morning, the Barn Equipment Store will be opened so that anyone who wants to volunteer to help out and do some practical conservation volunteering around the park will be able to do so. On Saturday (5th) there some woodchips were available to improve access around Bradlaugh […]

Mowing the Meadows at Bradlaugh Fields: Day 2

The Thursday started with some dark clouds, but soon turned sunny and volunteers sweltered in the heat, labouring hard to rake up and remove the piles of vegetation cut down by Wildlife Trust staff with strimmers. Even after the day before, there was so much still to do up on ‘Scrub’ Field and Orchid Bank, […]

Early August Wildlife Trust Conservation Work Days at Bradlaugh Fields

There are two Wildlife Trust work days coming up in August. They are listed in their latest task sheet (PDF here) to be found on the appropriate page of their website. Please read the information about work-days (what to wear, bring with you etc) on the task sheet if you’ve not been on a WT […]

Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #40 Little Yellow Rattle

Lesser Yellow Rattle or Cockscomb does double duty as a very attractive plant to have in the meadow, but still more importantly it helps keep down the aggressive grasses like false oat grass, creating a better environment for a range of beautiful flowers like orchids to grow and increase. The photos above are taken in […]

Walk in the Meadows Sunday June 14th

This Sunday there’s a great opportunity to find out more about the wildlife that flourishes at Bradlaugh Fields. Jeff Ollerton, professor of biodiversity at the University of Northampton will be leading a walk round the wildflower meadows in the Nature Reserve, looking especially at the relationships between flowering plants and their pollinators; bees, hoverflies and […]

Apple Blossom Time at Bradlaugh Fields

Now is the prime time for enjoying the apple blossom on the dozens of apple trees all over the park, from Hills and Hollows all the way up to Quarry Field … The pink and white flowers have five petals and look – and smell – quite like roses, which is no coincidence. Apples are […]

Out and About: this April in Bradlaugh Fields

The fields are alive; buzzing, bustling, calling and singing with all manner of creatures. Listen for the yaffle call of the green woodpecker (hear it on this Youtube video) and hear it knock-knock-knocking in the woods. The usually quiet and shy jays are chasing each other around the taller trees and, over all, the buzzard […]