Quarry Field Conservation Task

A sunny, busy day with many out for their daily constitutional Next, some scrub-bashing – removal of encroaching elm suckers. Before … And after … The meadow restored All the better for wild-flowers Well done folks Advertisements

Last Conservation Volunteer Afternoon

After forgetting the camera finally remembered to use an ancient phone camera instead, so sorry about the poor picture quality. Then found I couldn’t download the photos. Anyhow to cut a long story short, we steamed into a dense thicket of spiny Blackthorn that was invading the open meadow. After a couple of hours hot […]

Today’s Task: Cutting back Blackthorn

As the cows look on we tackle the spiny blackthorn suckers that invade the meadow from a small thicket. If not stopped by grazing, mowing or cutting, these thorny bushes would take over before long! In the past, traditional farming management meant that they were always kept at bay because of grazing by sizeable flocks […]