Quarry Field Conservation Task

A sunny, busy day with many out for their daily constitutional Next, some scrub-bashing – removal of encroaching elm suckers. Before … And after … The meadow restored All the better for wild-flowers Well done folks Advertisements

Autumn Leaves Turning Colour

A young naturally self-sown Field Maple turning beautifully golden in the centre. (Note the large oak sapling with dead, brown leaves to the left is one of twenty-four inadvisedly planted at the expense of thousands of pounds of public money one year ago this month. Only six or so still remain alive, the rest appear […]

Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #51 Lime Tree or Linden

This large forest tree fills the Midsummer air with delicious fragrance as tens of thousands of creamy yellow flowers attract insects from across a wide area to feast on its abundant nectar. The blossom is traditionally gathered by many people around Europe to prepare the famous Linden or Tilleul tea. If you look closely you […]

The Acorn Hoarder

For a bird that is so “colourful and noisy” as the jay you won’t see one very often at all. They live in mixed woodland especially with oak trees, which provide their favourite food – acorns. One bird will hoard up to 5,000 in a year, most of which they find again, being like all […]

Apple Blossom Time at Bradlaugh Fields

Now is the prime time for enjoying the apple blossom on the dozens of apple trees all over the park, from Hills and Hollows all the way up to Quarry Field … The pink and white flowers have five petals and look – and smell – quite like roses, which is no coincidence. Apples are […]

Two for Joy

Magpies have had a bad press in recent years, and much of it probably unfair. They are certainly very handsome birds, apparently highly intelligent, and can be playful too. Not so long ago they used to be quite rare, but modern society provides conditions for magpies to flourish. According to the RSPB a breeding pair […]