Muddy Waters – Ponds or Puddles?

At this time of year you will see a little water running down the hill naturally. Come Summer this will completely dry away. This path needs more wood-chips laying down if people are to be able to access Bradlaugh Fields properly!

Long Ago Stream

You may notice quite a dip as you go down from Bradlaugh Fields central grassland area into a much lower down area by the suggestively-named Bankside entrance, before heading back uphill into the Hills and Hollows Nature Reserve. As you may see in the picture above, a helpful tree surgeon has recently laid down a […]

Wildflowers of Bradlaugh Fields #8 Heartsease or Wild Pansy

Up in the “Scrub Field” where Anglian Water excavated their leaking watermain pipe, and helpfully removed an area of invasive blackthorn, many herbaceous plants are now able to appear in the freshly exposed limestone (visible in the top left-hand of the photo below). One beautiful new flower is the wild pansy, often a plant of […]